How to book and make an order?

The Vedrana apartments are booked only electronically. The whole booking process is very simple and everything is done in the following mode:

  1. By the email (kalous@peljesac.cz), or you can use the message box in the contact section. Please send to us your requirements for an apartment, date your stay and number of people.
  2. You will receive immediately an email with information about the free capacity of your chosen apartments in the required time.
  3. If your chosen date and apartment are not available, you will receive a proposal for a different date or of another apartment on the original date.
  4. If it's everything is OK from you, you will confirm your reservation by email.
  5. You will receive from us a "Booking Confirmation" in PDF format, with the calculation of your stay, which includes the total price for the entire length of the stay and the price of which will be the deposit for the stay. Since you pay a part of the total price in advance, you will also find in the confirmation how much you will pay the owner of the apartment in EUR directly (by cash).
  6. Along with the "Booking Confirmation" we will send you information about the advance payment for your stay. Within 10 days of sending the confirmation from us, it is necessary to pay a deposit, otherwise, your binding date is released for other potential candidates.
  7. You need to print and sign the "Booking Confirmation" check fill in your contact details. Printed and signed "Booking Confirmation" must be taken with you to show it to the owner on the day of arrival.

Information on deposit for stay

  • The deposit is payable in EUR
  • You can pay the deposit in EUR to account number: 183 068 1014/3030 only by bank transfer
  • To message for recipient specify Your name (must be same as name on Booking confirmation).

Information for payment in EUR

  • Account name: KALOUS RADEK
  • Bank: Air Bank a.s., Evropská 2690/17, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech republic
  • IBAN: CZ96 3030 0000 0018 3068 1014