Welcome to the Peljesac Peninsula

Welcome to Peljesac which is located in the very south of Croatia. We will be pleased to provide you witch all the information you need to ensure a pleasant stay in the peninsula. Including the offer of private apartments which is situated in the most beautiful locations of Peljesac. On the southern slopes on the Dingac - Borak wine region.

In addition to the above accommodation offer, this site will give you information about the specificity of the Peljesac peninsula itself, because who has experienced Peljesac so knows that this is a phenomenon and 90% of visitors confirm that ... this is not Croatia, it´s simply Peljesac and happy they are returning to other parts of Croatia.

Ten reasons why visit Peljesac Peninsula

  1. It is one of the warmest places in the whole of Croatia. Whit the cleanest and the richest sea-life on south of the peninsula
  2. There are all kinds of beaches. From golden sand, or black sand to stone and pebble-stone beaches
  3. There is a plenty marked routes for just walking, of cycle riding in all difficulties out of the main roads
  4. A lot of scuba diving locations and centers
  5. The best place for water sports (windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.), hiking and a lot of adrenalin sports
  6. It is a place wither each history and many archaeological sites
  7. There is beautiful nature and a place wherein the wild you can meet a herd of wild horses and endemic species (insects, mammals, reptiles, birds, plants, etc.)
  8. Greatest wine region with wine at every corner in many kind (bottled, grapes, etc)

  9. It is a quiet place due to the absence of large seaside resorts
  10. Compared to other parts of Croatia, it is a place that is highly valued by the locals and very helpful to all